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Winter Pastel Pink Infinity Scarf Red White Geometric Stripes Fall Fashion Upcycled Clothing Handmade Feminine Cowl Scarf


Item collection 4630814 original

Upcycled Forest Green Circle Scarf Infinity Scarf Tribal Gypsy Chunky Cowl Scarf Linden Green Stripes Dots Repurposed Clothing


Item collection 4630606 original

Leopard Print Infinity Scarf Upcycled Clothing Fall Fashion Black Tan Pink Animal Print Chunky Cowl Tribal Nomad Circle Scarf


Item collection 4630804 original

Tender Shoots Chunky Infinity Scarf Bright Chartreuse Lime Green Cowl Scarf Upcycled Clothing Floral Print Scarf Pantone


Item collection 4630415 original

Mint Green Infinity Scarf Fall Fashion Seafoam Green Circle Scarf Upcycled Clothing Pale Pastel Blue White Cowl Scarf Repurposed Clothing


Item collection 4630532 original

Handmade Raspberry Leopard Print Infinity Scarf Hot Pink Gray Animal Print Fall Fashion Circle Scarf Chunky Cowl Repurposed Clothing


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Bohemian Blue Infinity Scarf Tropical Print Dusk Blue Loop Scarf Tribal Gypsy Cowl Circle Scarf Upcycled Clothing



LovelySquid makes colorful, Eco friendly, scarves for men and women from up-cycled and recycled fabrics. With so many beautiful pieces of cloth in the world, I feel it just makes sense to use what we already have rather than drive the production of more. This makes each item completely unique and gives me access to more unusual prints than what is available commercially, not to mention the peace of mind that the item has a relatively small carbon footprint. "Stay warm. Feel cool"

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